To enable children to spend quality time with peers. In addition to playing games within the framework of play groups, our basic principle is to contribute to the realization of sports activities.

Our Mission

All of our playgrounds for children playgrounds comply with the European Play Elements Standard (TS EN 1176-1) and are produced according to the production philosophy of Global Park, taking into consideration the safety of the children and the quality of the material.

Education and Training; just as it is important in the life of the individual, it is possible for our children to grow up and prepare for social life through activities and to play games.

Experience product quality and unique designs with the difference of Global Park®! Let Global Park® add color to your world ...

Our Vision

Our goal is to be constantly in the new research, new ideas, new solutions, new designs, new models and aims to produce targets.

For Global Park; In the design and production process, the products to be produced are tried to contribute to the development of physical and emotional intelligence of children.

In short, we want to share the sense of trust and quality that you feel when you see the Global Park brand in the most beautiful areas of the city, when you witness the fun and play of your own children in the parks we produce.

Because we take our children seriously, we respect them.